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I capture the memories,
allowing you to enjoy the moment

As a little girl, I always loved cameras. On a Saturday, you could always find me in my local “Klick” shop waiting for photos to be developed. As I grew older, the camera’s I used changed from disposable film to digital.

Over the years, I had never thought about making a career of my photography, as it was only ever a hobby. In the early stages I was self taught. It was mainly a combination of information that had been learnt from books, online and trial and error.

In 2011, I was asked to photograph a friends 21st. After that night I realised this is something I thoroughly enjoyed and could make a career from. Initially I was too scared to make the jump from a secure full-time job to being self-employed.

In 2012 I completed a photography course through the Open University which gave me the desire to learn more. In early 2014, I decided to make that jump. I gave up working in a call centre to study photography full-time. I completed my HNCin 2015 and  HNDin 2016, both years receiving an A Pass at New College Lanarkshire

Currently, I am attending my third year B.A in Photography at Napier University, Edinburgh.  I have set this as a personal goal to achieve a degree in life, even if it killed me. This has also helped with the development of skills within fashion, documentary and Film Photography.

Now, I run a successful photography business in Carfin, Lanarkshire. However I am happy to cover all over Scotland.

When I’m not busy working I enjoy  to spend time with our Golden-doolde pup, Jayjay. Other hobbies  also include my new love of  gardening and my forever love,  travelling.

It has been the best decision to give up working full-time to follow my passion.I am so lucky that I can wake up each day and do what I love and it never feels like a days work.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website and I am always keen to hear from people. If you would like to get in touch please do so on info@zariasleith.co.uk or Click Here

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Kristina Turnbull

So talented and professional, lovely work and pleasure to work with

Kristina TurnbullGlasgow
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

We were extremely excited, but everything was even more that we hoped for!

Kelly & Brandon Walsh, CA
Melissa & Ryan Smith

The ceremony was amazing! We are grateful for the creative caring approach.

Melissa & Ryan Smith, TX

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