At the beginning of February, New College Lanarkshire Student, Kimberley McCulloch contacted me looking for a photographer to photograph her HND Make Up Artistry Graded Unit 1.  The theme for this project was Greek Mythology.  Straight away from the ideas she was telling me, I was excited as we all know I love to be creative. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, we discussed what Kimberley wanted to achieve from this project. Obviously, she wanted to achieve the best grade possible, however, we needed to work together to plan how the Make Up she was designing would work together with the model and the photoshoot I would be carrying out. We agreed there would be three separate photoshoot’s, one for each of the models. 

The three different Goddess themes would be :- 

  1. Aphrodite – Goddess of Love
  2. Persephone – Goddess of Springtime
  3. Nyx – Goddess of Night

Like any creative, we all have our own area’s of knowledge and expertise. When discussing with Kimberley, where she wanted the photoshoot’s to take place, she had suggested that many other students use the park across from the college campus. In my mind’s eye, I wanted to give more to the photoshoot, as the photographs work towards part of her final grade. 

In our discussions, we spoke about different locations and styles. We both agreed that natural light would be used for the photographs, which I love working with too.  

Part of the Graded Unit process is that the students have to complete the make up within the college studios and then the photographer will meet them and go to the photoshoot from there. However, we did hit a slight bump in the road, when the Scottish College’s went on Strike. This did not stop us though, as the staff agreed students could do the Makeup out with the college. 

The Photoshoots 

We had three separate photoshoots to carry out, all three were in different locations. Thankfully, the weather stayed dry ( even though one day it was cold). All photographs were taken using Natural Day Light and a reflector. As part of the final submission, none of the images were edited, due to SQA guidelines. However, for public exhibition, I have edited the images in my own style. 


Model – Nicole Johnston
MUA / Styling – Kimberley McCulloch
Location – Viewpark Gardens, Viewpark
Photography – Zaria Sleith 




Model – Emma Donaldson 
MUA / Styling – Kimberley McCulloch
Location – Dunbeth Public Park 
Photography – Zaria Sleith 


Model –  Kelsey Simpson
MUA / Styling – Kimberley McCulloch
Location – Polkemmet Country Park , Bathgate
Photography – Zaria Sleith 


Kimberley’s Final Grade

In the middle of last week, I received a message from a Super duper excited Kimberley to say that she received an A for her Graded Unit!  I am really proud of her. Overall, her talents when it comes to Makeup are fantastic along with her being a lovely person to work with.  Kimberley McCulloch is definitely a name to look out for in future!


Are you looking for a photographer for your Graded Unit?

Drop me a message and let’s see what I can do for you!


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