Bronica Camera
Bronica Camera with film rolls

Yesterday, I had my first ever experience of Old Skool Photography, A.K.A  using a Bronica Camera.  You may be wondering what a Bronica is, especially if you are the younger generation. It is a type of film camera where you must load the roll of film into the camera and wind on between each shot. Unlike digital you have to do everything manually and there is no preview of the image you have just taken..

It was an exciting experience as unlike digital cameras, on the roll of film I had, I only have 12 chances to take the photograph. It made me think more about what I was shooting, how I was shooting and ensuring not to waste any film. For this type of camera the film used is 120mm. I prefer to use Illford, as I like the quality of their products.

( This is the link to the film I used) 

Post Production 

After the shoot, I headed to the wetroom. This is where I started the process of developing the negatives. It’s a process where you need to be able to use other senses apart from your sight, which is against everything I do as a photographer.

In the pitch darkness I started by unrolling the film and separating  it from the paper in the roll. Next I had to then re-roll it onto a reel and place in a light proof canister. This part was very tricky, after several failed attempts and calling it a few names, it finally cooperated and went onto the reel.

The next part of the process is mixing chemicals and hoping the result works… which I am extremely pleased to say, it was very successful! I love (and dread) the excitement of waiting to see if you have images on your negative. To un-roll and see your own images there, is one of the best feelings! One thing for definite, is this process has helped me appreciate the simplicity of digital photography

Next week, I will be spending time in the dark room developing my images from the negative to paper, cannot wait to share it with everyone.

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