You may have noticed when looking for a wedding photographer,  that many include a ‘pre- wedding photoshoot’ or  an ‘engagement shoot’. Which leads to a A question I am asked by many couples is ” Why do I need a Pre- Wedding photoshoot”? You may have also  noticed when looking for a wedding photographer,  that many include a ‘pre -wedding photoshoot’ or  an ‘engagement shoot’. The chances you have landed on this page, is that you have the same question. Don’t Worry, you are not alone!!  I have had many clients who feel the exact same way, at first.   If you have had any doubt’s wether a pre-wedding photoshoot is for you, have a read at this blog post, with my top 5 reasons on why a pre wedding shoot can be beneficial for you both. 

1. A way to get to know each other

Depending on how long ago you booked your photographer, months or even years may have passed, this is a chance to build up that connection with your photographer and also for the photographer with you. It is also a great chance for you to update your wedding photographer on how the wedding plans are going and any questions you may have for them for your wedding day. 


2. Reduces Pre-Wedding Day Photo Nerves

It’s not uncommon for couples to say that they hate having their photograph taken. Without practice in front of the camera, it can be seen if you are worried and not relaxed in your photographs. As photographer’s we also understand that most of our clients are not professional models. This is why the pre-wedding photoshoot gives extra guidance in how to position and pose yourself without feeling stress. However, don’t worry the photographer will not expect you to remember everything for your wedding day! Any good photographer will still give you guidance on what to do on the day.  Overall, Pre-Wedding shoot is  a great way to put  all the awkward nerve poses out of the way and feel more relaxed and comfortable for your special day. 


3. Time to have fun away from wedding planning 

Wedding planning can be stressful, chaotic and sometimes we get so caught up in the stress.  At times, the real reason why the client is getting married  can be put to the back of our minds. Taking a couple of hours out of your day to go and have some time for you and your bride/groom to be.  This is the best time to have some no pressure fun and laughter. It’s also a chance to take a break from the wedding planning. Remember the photoshoot does not need to be ‘cheesy’, in contrast, it can be fun, natural and romantic too!  


4. Planning the best poses for you both 

During the shoot, the photographer will be able to work out what poses suit you both best. This allows you to have the best result from your wedding day photographs. Remember, not everyone suits the same poses. This is a safe and fun environment to practice and try out different poses and see what works best. This shoot is all about having some fun!  


5. Lovely natural keepsake 

A pre-wedding photoshoot gives you and your partner beautiful, natural and fun photographs of the two of you together prior to the wedding. Depending on when your photoshoot takes place, the images could be used in different ways. Some ideas include:-

  • ‘Save the Date’ Cards – Be creative and a little different
  • Engagement Announcements – make a fun and creative way for letting people know you are engaged
  • Signing Frame – Where you choose your favourite image and take the signing frame to your wedding, where your friends and family can leave you messages on it. 
  • Thank you card’s – for after the wedding 
  • Lovely keepsake images for around your house. 

Overall, Pre-Wedding / Engagement shoots do not need to feel like a chore or an awkward experience. This  is a great way to have fun, create more beautiful memories and ensure you do not need to worry about how you look in your wedding photographs. It’s also a chance to see your photographer again before your big day. 


Still not sure, take a look at Anne and Jonathan’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Polkemment Country Park, perfect for beautiful photographs! 

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Why do I need a Pre- Wedding Photoshoot?