Congratulations you are engaged!!

Engagement shoots are a great way to capture the next chapter in your life together, it can also be great to see if my style is what you would like for your wedding photography. 

All engagement shoots take place outside,  perfect locations for these types of shoots are a place that means something to you both, wedding venue or a nice country park. 

If you decide to book Zaria Sleith Photography as you wedding photographer you will receive £100 discount off your wedding package. 


Engagement Shoot

  • 1-2 hour session

  • Outdoor photoshoot at location of your choice.

  • 5 Digital Images 

(additional travel cost for 25+ miles outside of Glasgow, G1)


Thank you for popping by to have a look at my work.

For those, who I haven’t met yet, I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I am from Lanarkshire, but have a studio in Glasgow City centre

On this page you will find out about Engagement Shoots, Wedding Photography and FAQ's to help you find your perfect wedding photographer. 

Now that the introduction on my part is done, grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of wine) put your feet up, and enjoy exploring my work. 

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and I look forward to hearing from you real soon.



A pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot, happens prior to the wedding, this can be anywhere from the day you are engaged to a month before your special day. Some people will use the photographs in their engagement invites or as a signing frame on their wedding day. Others just love to have beautiful photographs of the two of you together. 


For those who opt to have their engagement shoot closer to the wedding, this is the perfect opportunity for us to catch up, as some couples book me 2years in advance and its lovely to get to know you again.

During the shoot, we can address any nerves or worries you have in front of the camera. I can help you with poses that suit you, I even had one bride realise the way she naturally stands was the wrong side for her wedding day hair to be seen. 

I totally understand that it may not be your cup of tea, but all my couples who have thought this, have loved it during and after.



When it comes to wedding photography, you can count on Zaria Sleith Photography to deliver. We provide all of our clients with a gorgeous selection of high-definition photos for you and your family to cherish forever. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, custom-designed album, or you simply you want memories captured on the day,  explore the endless possibilities of working with one of the best Portrait and Wedding photographer in Central Scotland



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Say Hello

Send me a message or give me a call, I'd love to hear about your vision for your Wedding day photography. 

Pre-wedding consulation

We meet for a cuppa, in person and chat about your wedding, your ideas and what you expect from your wedding photographer. 

This is also an opportunity to see wedding albums in person. 

Your wedding

Depending on what package you book, will depend on my arrival time. Most people want all day coverage, so I am there from first thing in the morning. 

Don't worry about me being there, just see me as an extra friend on the day. 



Your wedding photographs will be ready for their viewing within 6 weeks. 

Then you need to decided on your favourite images for your album.


 your Album

Albums are hand designed by me and proofed for you. This process time can vary depending on how quickly the images are selected and the album is proofed. 

What should I look for in a wedding photographer?

Let's face it, there is ALOT of wedding photographers out there.

How do you know you are selecting the right one for you?
My top tips I suggest when looking for a wedding photographer is:-
1) Check to see their portfolio of weddings and completed wedding albums.

2) Make sure they are fully insured

3) References - feel free to ask them for a reference from previous couples they have photographed.

4) Do you feel comfortable around them? Remember the photographer will be with you all day, so you want somebody you like to be around.

5) Meet them in person, even for a coffee, before you book. 6) What is their style of photography? Is it only candid, posed, a mixture. Find someone who covers all that you want. 7) Contract - Make sure your photographer provides you with a contract, this covers both you and them. 8) Go with your gutt instinct- Remember it is what you want, not what everyone else wants from wedding photographs.

Who will take my photographs on the day?

Quick answer - Me.

My buisness is my world and I pride that I can put my passion, years of studying photography and creativity into the work that I create and pride myself in taking your wedding photographs.

Depending on the size of the wedding, I may bring along an assitant to help on the day, but your wedding photographs will always be taken by me.

What will I do if it Rains on my wedding day?

First thing, don't worry!
Before every wedding I will go and visit the venue for locations indoors and outdoors, to ensure you have your ideal wedding photographs.

I always bring umbrella's on the day too, for my more adventourous couples.

One thing I have learnt about photographing weddings in Scotland, there tends to almost every time be a break in the clouds, to give us enough time for outdoor photographs.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been doing photography for over 15 years.

My first wedding was photographed in March 2011... wow, almost a decade ago!

How many photographs will I receive?

I always work on the basis of quality over quantity.

I would rather give you 250 beautiful individual photographs than 1500 all of the same.

The number of photographs will vary on the length of time I am at the wedding for, but I will ensure that every memorable moment is captured and you will not be disappointed.

How far in advance should I book?

The photographer and venue, tend to be the first two big things to book when planning a wedding.

As soon as you know your date, get in touch.

I've even had couples book me before their venue!

The sooner you book, the higher the chance of availabilty.

What is your style of photography?

Having studied photography for five years between college and university, I have been trained to have multiple styles, ensuring you have the best on your wedding day.

Styles throughout the day include:-

Documentay - capturing moments as they happen in a candid way.

Posed - especially for the group photographs, these are the ones parents want on their walls.

Creative - This is where I use my creativity to create beautiful images, especially for your romantic photographs of just the two of you.

Detailed shots - You may not feel these are important just now, but looking back on your wedding day, you will cherish all the little details you put into your special day.

Who designs your albums?

Some photographers will have a third party design your wedding album.

At Zaria Sleith Photography, I do that myself.

I love to get to know each couple I work with and will design your album around you both.

Each album is unique, like each couple I photograph.

Do you photograph same sex weddings?


Love is Love... and I just love capturing love stories!

Do I need to have a pre-wedding shoot?

This is a question I am asked all the time and I do highly recommend it.

Pre-wedding shoots may seem awkward BUT this is the point of them.. it lets us get rid of all the pre-camera nerves and awkwardness before your wedding day and allows you to have beautiful natural photographs on your special day.

It also gives you and your partner a couple of hours, away from wedding planning to remember why you are getting married and the fun you both have together, as organising a wedding can be stressful.

Pre-wedding shoots normally happen 8-6 weeks before your big day.

What is the average cost of a wedding photographer?

If you have been looking around, you have probably realised wedding prices can vary alot.

Each year a survey is carried out by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.
This survery looks at all aspects of wedding photography including price.

The average cost of a UK wedding photographer in 2018-2019 is £1560.

Yes, there is alot of photographers out there who charge a lot less, however you need to ask yourself why?

I have had so many brides contact me after their wedding day, asking me to save their wedding photographs or saying they wish they had invested into a more expensive one as they didn't receive the quality they had hoped for.

Always do your research before booking!


I always say to every couple, look at wedding photography as an investment rather than something you 'need' for your wedding day. The photographs captured on your special day are telling your love story, for generations still to come to enjoy. 

Have a look at the available pricing plans.

I do my best to accommodate the needs of each client by offering several wedding packages.
Browse what’s available and get in touch with any questions.

Bespoke packages can be arranged on request

Having a small mid-week wedding?  Drop me a message and we can discuss my mid-week rates. 


Wedding Packages 

Not sure what package to choose? Drop me a message and we can have a chat over a coffee.


Online Gallery with Hi Resolution Photographs 

Your images are fully edited and will be delivered via a private online gallery with digital download. 


Print Release & Sharing Rights 

Share your online gallery with family & friends and share your photos on social media! You will receive a print release, allowing you both to use the photographs personally and print them as many times as you wish, without having to return to me for permission each time. 

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions can be booked via your online portal. Sessions are 30ish minutes at a location of your choice within 20 miles of Baltimore, Maryland and include an online gallery of 50+ edited hi-res images.

Wedding Album

Every wedding package includes a beautifully designed wedding album. Your photographs are there to be displayed, not just to sit on a USB and this is the perfect way to do so. Depending on the package, the Album sizes can vary from 8x8 to 12x12. 

Albums are hand designed by me and then printed and bound in one of the top printers in Europe. 

Professional Photographer(s)

On your wedding day you are guaranteed to have me photographing your wedding. 

Depending on the size of the wedding, I may bring along an assistant to help out and capture additional images throughout the day. 

Custom Timeline

I want your wedding to run like clockwork, which also helps me capture everything on the day. Prior to your wedding, we will confirm your timeline for the day. At this stage we will also pre-plan your group shots, to make sure nobody is missed out and that it only takes a small proportion of your day. 

Pre-Wedding Consultation(s)

I am available by appointment to meet with you to go over wedding details, plan your timeline and answer any questions you may have. Please contact me to schedule a meeting at my studio or to chat over the phone! 


Finding a wedding photographer can be hard. There is so many to choose from, so many styles, prices, packages and I get it, it can be a lot of pressure finding the right one for you.Below is a list of FAQ's that I have been asked by so many brides and grooms to be and hopefully it will help you find your perfect photographer.   

The Amour

Bridal Party photographs

Family &  Guest photographs 

Romantic Photoshoot

Presented in 
8x8 Album and USB Box (14 page) 

Private Online Gallery


The Aroha Package



Bridal Party | Family | Guest  Photographs

Romantic Photoshoot
Cake Cutting and Speaches

Presented in
10x10 Album (20 page) 

Private Online Gallery


The Elegantia 
(Most popular package)

Bridal Preperation



Bridal Party | Family | Guest 


Romantic Photoshoot
Speeches & Cake Cutting
First 3 Dances 

Presented in 

Luxury 12x12 Album 

(30 Pages)

USB with Images 

Private Online Gallery


The Matramonio 

Bridal Preperation



Bridal Party | Family | Guest 


Romantic PhotoshootSpeeches & Cake Cutting

First Dance 

(and a couple more)

Presented in 

Luxury 12x12 Album 

(30 Pages)

(2) 6 x6 Mini Albums

USB with Images 

Alumini 20x16  Print 

Private Online Gallery



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