These sessions are perfect for babies who are sitting up on their own and older (pre-school age)

These years are when your little one is creating their own little personality. This is such a fun age to photograph in the studio. 

Don't forget to bring along their favourite toy!



Combining the beauty of the things around me with artistic photography, Zaria Sleith Photography, was born out of love and passion.

I have been running my professional photography services since 2016, (although I have been photographing for over 12 years) and have been fortunate to capture the most precious of moments in family life.

Specialising in family portraits and weddings, I try to set myself apart by offering a full photography experience that is customisable to suit your needs.


I am  passionate about photography, as it is a way to preserve memories. I love working with families, and helping them create their own memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Let us capture your smiles today.



Say Hello

Send me a message or give me a call, I'd love to hear about your vision for your photoshoot. 

Book your session

It is advised to book at least 4 weeks in advance to make sure there is availability. 

The Shoot

Little kids are unpredictable.. For these shoots, we go with the flow. 

the main thing is, don't stress! I have had years of experience and have a few tricks up my sleeve.  



At the end of your shoot, I will book you in for your viewing. 

This is a chance to see your photographs in a beautiful slide show and decide what images you would like as part of your package. 

Want more? You can purchase additional prints at this stage. Product Price list will be emailed to you after the shoot. 

Receive your products

Depending on the product you select it can take a couple of weeks to be made. 

I use one of the best photography printers in Europe. 

Products can either be posted out or collected from the studio. 



Collection I

1 hour Session
7x5 Framed Desktop Print


Collection II

1 hour Session
7x5" Desktop Framed Print 

5 Mounted Prints ( 6x4")

5 Matching Digital Files


Collection III

1 hour Session
Outfit Change
7x5 Desktop Framed Print 

10 Mounted Prints (6x4) 

10 Digital files (Matching Prints)

15 % Off Wall Art



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